Action for Sustainable Rural Advancement (ASRA) is active nonprofit & non Governmental community support organization established in 2009 on the concept of community development and got registration under society act XXI of 1860. ASRA emerged as response to the challenges facing by civil society of Pakistan with regards to work for betterment of Health, Education, Environment, Poverty, and Governance, Socio economic Gender equity, peace and rights.

ASRA is aimed at meaningful engagement of civil society in development of Pakistan. ASRA is going to be achieved by diversifying the efforts of different stake holders including Rural communities, CSOs, Media, Researchers, Lawyers, Trade Unions and elected representatives through mobilization, training, lobbying and Advocacy for social change with reforms and implementation.

ASRA works for human being without any distinction of color, cost, creed, sect and politics (secular).

ASRA does not work only on impact but it supports for awareness/educate to community to create system because up to when the systematic community is not created in our areas. the impacts will not be beneficial and sustainable in the society; therefore system is only solution for sustainable development and security of human being. ASRA has been active in the field of community development, Charity activities, Welfare, Capacity Building, & Advocacy for the favor of all.